Gold Bullion Varying Lots


Please see the basic details below for our latest offer and respond if this could suit your Buyers!

The basics of the offer are:

Top 10 Bank, in Switzerland is the Custodian and Fiduciary Bank for the group of Sellers

Custodian Bank, as Seller/re Seller offers Full Banking Responsibility

Deliverability is FOB Switzerland (possibly FOB USA)

Procedure is Bank to Bank or (if Buyer has account in Custodian Bank - Ledger to Ledger)

Pricing is LBMA 2 - 2-50 MT/ per mth -6%/-9%, 51-100 MT/per mth -7%/-10%, 101-200MT per month -8%/-11%, 200m + - 000's MT per month -12%/-15% Maximum Quantity for new clients is 30,000 MT per year, negotiable after performance is established.

Please contact with reliable Buyers for further details:

+507 6995 1705