We are the 'missing link'

to your Project

Allow us to

Find the Organisation

which will complete your Project

Through our many contacts around the world in many different fields including finance, manufacturing, suppliers of commodities, purchasers of commodities, we are able to connect you to the perfect organisation to complete your Project.

Analysis of Your Project
Our expertise allows us to analyze your project and it's requirements quickly and efficiently to ensure the perfect solution to completing your project.
All forms of finance from $100,000 to multi billion dollar projects. Types of funding include bridging finance, bank guarantees, SWIFT locks, etc.

All forms of manufacturing, including sugar mills, ethanol plants, power plants, oil refineries, etc.

Oil - We have mandates from both Suppliers and Purchasers. We have a full range of Petroleum Products. Please let us know your requirements from either side.


All forms of Cryptocurrencies bought and sold.

Physical Gold Bullion
We have both buyers and sellers of Physical Gold Bullion up to 12,000 metric tons.

Our Executive Team

Ronald K. Pirnie - Chairman

Ron Photo 2

I attended school in Montgomery, Alabama.  I graduated from University of Alabama in 1972 and received my MBA in 1983. 

As well as owning ROPIR International, I have owned and successfully operated five separate companies all over the world. 

Peter Varcoe - Chief Financial Officer

Peter photo colour

I spent my childhood in rural Victoria and moved to Queensland aged 18 and operated a Cleaning Business with my father.  We contracted to high rise construction companies and I managed several teams at different locations.

My next career was a salesman - I sold houses, computers and graduated to selling and training licensed businesses in landscaping.

In 1999, I discovered stock trading.  I soon became an educator in this field and to that end have published a book on the profitable techniques I have developed in this area.  To find out more go to http://PeterVarcoe.com.

In mid 2020 I commenced my current position with ROPIR International as their Chief Financial Officer.

Janice Campbell - Chief Compliance Officer

JG Photo

Amy McGee - Government Sales

Amy photo