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History and Overview of Ropir International by Ronald K Pirnie, Chairman.

A recent history of ROPIR Industries - in 2015, ROPIR International moved its HQ to the Republic of Panama.

Since 2015, ROPIR International has been involved in numerous projects, including:

2 major proposals for the Winn Creek Indian Tribe:

Wind Energy Project Venture – a proposal for the establishment of Wind powered Electrical Generation on existing Tribal Lands. To be incorporated on open range that belonging to the tribe, land which can still be used for its current agricultural uses. Project value initially was an investment of USD$30,000,000 and projected to grow to total investment of USD$300,000,000 over a 10 year period.


International Cannabis/Hemp Project Venture – A proposal for the Tribe to be in a position to participate in the growth of Medical and legal Adult use of Marijuana, which is legal in 33 States of the United States of America, a Project involving up to 4,000 Hectares of land to be planted, and managed to full crop stage.

We recently completed the task to locate, interview and appoint a suitable Global Engineering Partner for a European group in order to Engineer and Manufacture all the equipment, Export, and Construction of a Sugar Mill, Ethanol Plant & Electricity Generation in a Sub Saharan African Country – Budget USD$270,000,000.

ROPIR International is currently involved with a Global project for recycling Steel commencement value – USD$250,000,000.

ROPIR International is involved in the Project to Purchase, Dismantling, Transport, and Reassembly of an Ethanol Plant from Central Europe to Southern Europe, Value 88,750,000 Euros.

ROPIR International has also recently been tasked to locate, interview and appoint a suitable Global Engineering Partner for a European group in order to Engineer and Manufacture all the equipment, Export, and Construction of a large Ethanol Plant in Central Europe – Project Budget is 120,000,000 – 150,000,000 Euros.

ROPIR International has recently become involved with a Project involving continuous supply of Steel reinforcing bars for Concrete Construction and is being supplied out of Europe for distribution Globally.

ROPIR International has been approached by numerous International clients to assist them with sourcing reliable supplier/s for their Petroleum needs, mostly Jet A1 – aviation kerosene, Colonial JP 54 – aviation Kerosene and D6 Diesel – Fuel Oil.

ROPIR International has recently made the decision to assist Clients with the sourcing of Petroleum Products directly from the Refineries in the Russian Federation. To this end we are actively sourcing a reputable refinery with a view to developing a long term relationship.

ROPIR International has developed an alliance with an International Funding Group and is now able to work with Companies / Groups / Governments looking for Finance for Construction, Infrastructure, Development, basically any worthwhile project up to USD$10,000,000,000. To meet the need we have put on a Finance Specialist to handle this side of the business.

ROPIR International has recently completed the sourcing of a Steel works partner for the supply of 120,000 MT Steel Rebar over 12 months (10,000 MT per month) on behalf of an Engineering Group in Northern Europe for a large Project they are undertaking.

During this time we have been asked about assistance with several large projects which involved areas of expertise outside our own, previously we declined these projects.

ROPIR International has decided to find an Engineering Partner with whom we can develop a long term relationship, in order to assist clients who come to us with such projects.

Previous History of ROPIR International.

ROPIR Industries was founded in 1955, when my parents and grandparents purchased the Union Springs, Alabama telephone company.

At that time, it was a magneto system, allowing operators to connect one party to another.


From 1955 until 1964, the telephone company grew from its humble roots into a truly modern-day dial up system. This system included direct dial mobile telephone service and international direct dial capability.

In 1964, a manufacturing arm called the Communication, Equipment and Contracting Company (CEAC), was added to ROPIR. CEAC remanufactured telephones and telephony equipment for the USA Independent Telephone Industry.


These services were provided until 1986. In 1986, FCC ruling 19528 became effective and people were able to own their own telephones. This ruling ended telephone remanufacturing for the industry. At the time of the ruling, CEAC had grown into three remanufacturing plants, located in Alabama, California, and Illinois.

Between 1964 to 1986, CEAC had been developing its own manufacturing division for peripheral switching in an effort to service the consumer market. This division serviced a number of customers including: Holiday Inn, Hilton, Ramada, the US Government and NASA, to name only a few. Along with the switching division, CEAC also developed a lightning arrestor that was affixed to most of the houses in the US as a buffer between the house and the network.


In the 1980's, ROPIR became involved with Cable TV. Furthermore, CATV acquired two other telephone companies.

By 1991, ROPIR had more than 10,000 telephone subscribers and 25,000 CATV customers in six states of the USA.

Emergence into the International Marketplace, another revolutionary piece of ROPIR's history was the creation of ROPIR International, Ltd.


At the time, the telephony industry was undergoing a huge change in its complexion. They were converting from analog switching to digital. That meant instead of using an electro-mechanical switching network, the centrals were now controlled by computer.

ROPIR International played a large role in those conversions, serving a number of the Bell operating companies as well as most of the large independent telephone companies in the US. In addition, the company played an integral role in the international telephone industry by assisting in these conversions.


ROPIR successfully completed international contracts for Bermuda Telephone Company, Jamaican Telephone Company, Barbados Telephone Company, Puerto Rican Telephone Co, Irish PTT, Turkish PTT, Cyprus PTT, Belgium Telecom, Cable and Wireless and British Telecom.

These contracts included the installation of the digital switch, along with the removal of the analog switch.


Every single contract was completed on time and within budget. ROPIR International also designed a secure network for the South Korean Military.

In 1991, my father, who was the CEO of ROPIR, passed away. While I lost my father, the industry simultaneously lost a leading pioneer. The loss left the company rudderless.


Rather than suffer the infighting that was sure to follow, I bought ROPIR International from ROPIR Industries and started off on my own. Most of the contracts listed above happened after I acquired ROPIR International, so I take great pride in our success.

In addition to telephony contracting, ROPIR International became involved in international trading.


At the time, the company was headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey; a natural transition to begin trading with the new Commonwealth Independent States after the Soviet Union fell apart.

We completed many contracts in Azerbaijan, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan. One in particular exceeded $200,000,000.00 in total value.

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