16,100 MT Gold Bullion


16,100 MT GOLD BULLION available immediately UBS

Zurich Ledger to Ledger


We have just received the offer for 16,100 MT Bullion, currently at UBS Zurich, available immediately Ledger to Ledger for UBS Account Holders or BBO to BBO for non UBS account holders.

The offer carries Full Banking Responsibility with documents completed at a TTM in Zurich - invitations sent to both Buyer and Seller along with their relative teams.

The procedure is simple, straight forward and is designed for fast completion, either as a single "Spot" sale or Negotiable Monthly Tranches.

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Please feel free to contact us for further information:

Peter C Varcoe

Chief Financial Officer 

email: peterv@ropirinternational.com

Mobile +507 6995 1705

Whatsapp +507 6995 1705

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