Gold Bullion Buyers

Gold Bullion Buyers


Due to our previous successes with Gold Bullion Sales, ROPIR International S.A. has been approached to assist in finding Buyers for several Parcels of Gold Bullion (99.99%), which are available in several Global Locations.


Parcels are as follows:

1,000 MT

2,400 MT

5,000 MT

10,000 MT

12,000 MT

All the Bullion (99.99%) involved is less than 5 year old Hallmarks.

We are looking to connect with Genuine Buyers or Buyer Mandates so we can work towards Successful finalisation of these Parcels of Bullion.

Please follow our LinkedIn page to receive instant notification of current deal updates or new offers.

Please complete the contact form on the Contact us page, Call or email Peter Varcoe for the relative Soft Corporate Offer for the Parcel or Parcels you are interested in. Whattsapp: +507 6995 1705 - email: